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Homework 9/8th

From what I read the education narrative genre is a category with many different insists. Reading the short story’s It had something to do with the education narrative but still very different. Different timeline’s, different emotions, outlooks, mindsets, etc. There’s not anything in particular that makes the genre. The topic is what matters. A place that might be good to get started with my own narrative is a time in my past. I feel everyone has a least one story worth talking about that based in the educational narrative. It best to start there because we just started college we don’t really have much  to go by its only been maybe 3 weeks. Not only that we live through the past any situation you would want to talk about, you already experienced from start to finish you would be able to tell your story clearly. I personal have a lot of stories I can tell about about my middle school years and high school years. I attended the same school for middle school and high school I went from the 4th grade to my senior year of high school, almost 10 years. My old school is small there wasn’t more then 300 hundred kids in the building everyone knew everyone. In a way I was grateful for that expression but then again it was still rough. I attended that school since I was 9 and people who knew me for that long would judge me for things when I was a kid. It wasn’t easy I would hear teacher talking badly about me to students or would treat me differently because they already had there opinion set out on me. It made it difficult to be myself and show people that I’ve grown up and changed. It wasn’t easy but I do appreciate the experience it helped mold me to who I am today.

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  1. Carrie Hall

    I think this will be very important to hear about!

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