Komron Zokhidov. Statistics of upgrade project for train communication system

Recent Statistical problem that occurred at my job facility.

Fleet consists out of 32 trains each needs to get radio communication equipment upgrade. During testing period approximately every 4th devices came defective from factory due to limited production and tight schedule. And by contract company has to keep 20% extra devices as spare parts. Question was given that 40 radio devices were purchased is it enough to convert whole fleet of 32 vehicles during next testing phase, accounting for possible defects from factory?

Komron Zokhidov

Statistics and Problability-its uses

Statistics and probability is an important part of mathematics which helps to determine various possiblities in several events which may sometimes be vital. This subject also has several applications in the field of electrical engineering. For example, iit can be used to estimate the number of defective electronics for a certain industry. It can help to estimate the lasting time of an electronic equipment. Also if a company wants to estimate the average efficiency for a renewable energy source, statistics would help.

So, I think that taking the course helped me gain some information about the subject and it will probably help me to make some useful applications in field of my major.

Komron Zokhidov on Statistics Fall 2017

I am currently working in company that manufactures and maintenance train and light jet planes. Because of limited production nature and specifics of industry a lot of devices and parts are manufactured in limited quantities and are unique for site and application. During testing, installation, and commissioning periods it’s important to know probability of getting defective equipment, which helps to calculate amount of spare parts needed to sustain fleet operation. Statistics helps at work as well as in life. Just looking up data for car crushes occurred I make a decision on whether to take a road trip or just fly. Card problems from beginning of semester improved my poker skills and increased my financial wellbeing.

Komron Zokhidov