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Global Warming

You can’t deny global warming after seeing this graph, by Ezra Klein

Global warming is an undeniable, geological phenomenon; evidence of its presence has only increased in severity and length over time. As a result, the World Meteorological Association released a graph and a detailed study on the average temperature variance of our planet over the past 13 decades. The data clearly shows an increasing, positive trend in the global temperature, especially since 1981. In fact, nine of the ten warmest years ever recorded have occurred since 1998. The planet is not only getting warmer throughout the decades, but the rate at which this is happening appears to be growing exponentially. If this trend continues, it will cause irreparable damage to various ecosystems throughout the world, including our own. Hopefully more nations will consider this ongoing epidemic and take measures to lessen its effect.

Written Assignment



Hello everyone, my name is Giovanni and I am currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Probability is related to computer systems and programs in numerous ways. For instance, I could design a simple text-based RPG that uses a probability-based system for determining the item a player would receive upon looting a defeated enemy, or the amount of damage dealt upon attacking an enemy using a random function within the parameters of 1 to the player’s strength value.