inverse functions

As a result of the missed class, you will need to learn the inverse functions topic on your own. To help you, I have created this guide to what is available. I provide a few slide lectures and then treat videos.

For slide lectures, I slightly edited a power point presentation that I feel does a good job. Here is a shorter, but ok introduction. Other slides available are  one more conceptual and a long one which has extensive treatment of one-to-one and many computational  examples.

As for videos, there are intro, finding, verifying and determining whether invertible series from Khan academy which include exercises. A rival from England also has good material (I listed preliminary topics as well in case you want to review):

  1. f(x) notation
  2. Domain and range
  3. Exam Questions – Domain and range
  4. Combination of functions
  5. The inverse of a function
  6. Graphical relationship between f(x) and its inverse
  7. Exam Questions – Inverse functions

Finally, I highly recommend this vintage class from MIT. When watching, focus on the linear, polynomial and rational function examples. We will later study the inverse functions of exponentials (logarithms) and trigonometry (inverse sine, etc.) that also appear in this video.