Introduction, Ashton Granata

Though this is where I recall being instructed to post, I’m mildly wary because I can’t see any other postings here; please indicate if this is in the incorrect place, so I can  move it.

I’m majoring in computer engineering technology, and my career, currently, is mostly involved in computer repair and troubleshooting for the government. This has been my career for several years. Essentially, it’s difficult to describe the immense amount of ways computers and mathematics are linked; a computer could, pithily, be described as an immense mathematical machine and little else. It is, after all, calculating massive amounts of numbers and using that to output information. Alongside this, mathematics is always and likely will always be extremely important to any course of engineering; its important to be aware of mathematics to ensure the veracity of calculations performed for measurements and other practical applications.

Also enclosed, as requested, is an image of my laptop.


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