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how statistic and probability relates to my major?

Hello0! my name is Karma Tsering. This is my first time taking Probability and Statistic course as a Computer Science student. This course relates to my majors in many ways. Statistic helps to store data and analyze the outcome of the data. Probability gives a percentage of a chance if an experiment is going to fail or succeed. This are crucial to Computer Science because it allows software engineers to write new codes or create new technology that can solve tasks more efficiently for example apps such as Facebook, and YouTube etc or devices like cellphone ,laptop etc. Software engineers can manipulate the outcome of the experiment by controlling the probability rate of success . These are all possible because of statistics and probability. Statistic and probability relates to anything that’s done more than once. Its a way to predict future based on past .


The graph shows  the up-rise of the  Internet video and the downfall of  live broadcast tv   from 2010 to 2022.  The trend line of the amount of hours  people spend on live TV has  decreased and the amount of hours people spend on  Internet videos has increased over time. Its estimated  that by 2019  the amount of hours spent on  Internet videos  will be same as the traditional Live TV. After 2019 the online stream videos will surpassed the Live TV.  At this rate I think the online stream videos will completely eliminate the live Broadcast TV because nowadays majority live TV content can be watched on online stream however it can’t be done other way around. Online stream  is way more easier and  efficient. It expands peoples’ option to watch content.