Introduction: Huzaifa Anas

Hello! My name is Huzaifa Anas. I am a freshman and pursuing a degree in biomedical informatics. Statistics and probability are very important for my major and career. In biomedical informatics, we are working with a large amount of data. To get anything out of the data we need statistics and probability to see if there are trends or relationships amongst the data from where we can derive some meaning. For example, if we have a group of people with heart disease before the age of 50 we can analyze their DNA to see what they have in common and then see if it statistically significant what they have in common. With this then we can draw conclusions and seek out casualty in the data of a certain gene and early heart attacks. This is just one example of biomedical informatics applying statistics. We also have things like artificial intelligence. IBM Watson is based on biomedical informatics. Its algorithm matches symptom’s and patient’s history to form a diagnosis. It looks at what the problem is and based on what the patient has given’s probabilities of different causes. These two are just one of the things which really catch my interest, but because biomedical informatics deals with a large amount of data you can say it is a specific field of applied statistics essentially.

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