How Statistics Relate to Computer Science

As a Computer Science student,  I have to admit that Statistics is highly important in my field. In such a way that some universities offer a joint major that combines both subjects.

In the first month of classes, I discovered that a huge part of the material that we are learning in our statistics class overlaps with the material of Computer Science classes such as Data Structures and Algorithms. As an example, the concept of Venn diagrams is a key concept in the class previously mentioned (Data Structures and Algorithms). In our class, Statistics, we went over it in order to understand the way values are distributed in a clear way. Other concepts, such as “and” or “or” operators, are also present in Computer Science.

My ambition after graduation is to get into the industry of video game programming. In that field, statistics and probability are key. One of the exercises that we are working on in this class is the probabilities of numbers when rolling two dice. I discovered that the probabilities of getting number 2 are six times less that the probability of getting number 7.In game programming, engineers work with random values, that can come from more than one set of values. Thanks to Statistics, I now know that if a random value is coming from two different set of values, as in the case of the two dice, the final results are not going to be equally distributed.

I think that having a strong foundation of Statistics is key in order to be a successful programmer.

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