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Pedro Acosta Assignment#1

My name is Pedro Acosta. I am currently studying for a career in Computer Science. Statistics w/ Probability is important for my career because 1) it’s required and 2) it helps in a way with coding. It also helps because Computer Science is basically a language, but with numbers. With Computer Science, I could create games using the “language” we learn, which are mostly numbers. Statistics is about collecting data on a certain topic, and which computer science we collect data and join them together to build things (i.e. in my CST test, he made us collect data and turn the information to build an ATM with)

Pedro Acosta Assignment #2

This graph is showing the Unemployment Rate for recent college graduates from October 2007-2011 through gender wise, from ages 20-29. It is also separated into two sections: Bachelor’s degree & Advance degrees. In all it shows the unemployment rate of men, women and both for each section. In all, men had a higher percentage in unemployment rate. In 2009, a little over 25% of men with a Bachelor’s degree were unemployed. Women with a recent Advanced degree in 2007 had about 2% of unemployment, but it increased, more than doubled, to almost 10%.