Graph about Unemployment Rate in Minnesota (Second Posting [Hannah Ally])

This article “In unemployment rate, a tale of two Minnesotas” by Bob Collins(MPR news) main focus was to cast an eye and find the cause of unemployment rate and in Minnesota. Over 5,000 jobs were lost and unless you were in health care, trucking, or the hospitality, you weren’t working. Also there are other major contributors to this great feat, which are longevity of unemployment, gender/age, and race. The race factor is mind boggling,people of color especially African Americans are discriminated against because the lack of education and a significant amount of criminal records in contrast to whites. “It adds additional support to a report last month that household income among blacks/African-Americans in Minnesota has plunged from 2013 to 2014. ”

Out of the three graphs that were presented in the article, I chose the graph on Ethnicity/ Selected Race. As you can see, African Americans have the highest unemployment rate, peak about 23% in 2011 with the low 10% in 2014. But you see that rate is rising again this year over 15%. For Hispanics the rate is gradually decreasing this year but the peak was for unemployment was 2010 at about 16%. Finally for Whites the graph shows the rate has roughly been under 5% and this year you can see that both Hispanics and Whites have come to a meeting point for unemployment at about 3% this year.

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