Overall Class Experience

The class started off easy than gradually became more difficult as it continued. I feel like I learned many new skills from this class that I didn’t know before. My professor was always there when I couldn’t understand the material or if I was confused. Being said that My experience during this class was good.


This exemple of a parabola with test tube. So when the Y =2, what what are the two point for X going to be ?

(__, 2) (__,2)

This is a perfect exemple of a parabola upside down where the the is propulsed from the top , go up to pick of 2 and return . Here is the équation y= -(x-2)^2+2

overall experience for this class

Math 1275 is the first math course I take in this college. Overall this course is better than what I expected. What I mean is everybody can do good in this class as long as you spend time on doing all the homework and practice questions.  Math is one of tough subject for me, but throught out this semester, it make me feel I can be good with this subject with my professors help. My major is Radiology, for this major I need to know basic algebra and trigonometry to work and now I am another step closer for career.  And math is needed thoughout our daily routine.

My Class Experience

I had a both challenging and great experience in this class. Challenging because there were times when the class materials were tough and overwhelming; and great because actually learning the material and managing to do well helped me realize that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Also, algebra and trigonometry is math that I can use throughout both my life and future career as a nurse. In addition, we had a Professor that was there to assist us with any questions and concerns we may have had, and gave us many opportunities to increase our grade.

Parabola Equation

A satellite has a parabolic dish with a diameter of -1 cm. The radio signals are reflected on a focal point, being the focus of the parabola. If the focal length is 1.4 cm, find the depth of the dish.


Real Life Parabola

Image result for st louis arch

The real life parabola that i have chosen is The St.Louis Arch. It is a parabola that goes upward then ends up curving back downwards. Parabolas like these are common in many places.

My Overall experience

My overall experience in this class was interesting. As any class it is easy and understandable in the beginning and as class goes on it becomes difficult. I am not strong in math at all, it is very hard for me. But I really hope I get a decent enough grade to help me pursue my goals and dreams in the nursing field. Thank you so much, the professor was a good professor and gave us many alternatives to get extra points or to boost our grades. There`s not a lot of professors like that, so I am grateful. Math is present in the real world esp, in hospital fields. so math relates to nursing in many ways. We do math in our everyday lives.


On Thursday, we will reserve the last 10 minutes of class for the standard college course evaluation. You will have an opportunity to rate the course, instruction, etc.

In addition, this course was part of a grant. Development of certain aspects of the course, webwork for example, received funding from the grant. As part of the evaluation of the grant, we ask that you do an online survey. If we have time on Tuesday next week at the end of class, I may have you do it using your phones. Those who have already done it may be allowed to leave early. There is a lot of legalese that you have agree to, but be assured that I will never have access to any of the individual responses and even the overall responses will be kept from me until the grades have been submitted.