Graph Assignment
An article written in the Washington Post, titled “The long-term power of the ‘War on Drugs,’ in two graphs” by Philip Bump, explains the different views on drugs. He examines the views on drugs, particularly marijuana, in the 1980s to now. Back then marijuana, had more negative attachments to it then today. It was taboo which he explain through his and friends experience’s with encountering marijuana for the first time. Based on the article in the past there was a higher percentage of people against marijuana for different reason which is explained in the second graph from the article, then toady were there is an even split on marijuana. The first graph that the article used was a time series graph to help determine the increase what each generation from 2006 to 2015 felt on legalizing marijuana. The second graph was a bar graph which displays the six main reason for marijuana to be banned. These two graphs help tell support the shift in legalizing marijuana and the reasonings for it to be banned.image


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