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Remember– your final portfolios are due on May 20th (Thursday) by 6 pm!!

Hi everyone! Remember that you need to revise 2 units and turn in your portfolio by 6 pm on Thursday! This is a hard deadline– meaning I really need it by that time (that date has been on the syllabus since day one!) Your portfolio is worth 70% of your grade!

Your final portfolio should be ONE DOCUMENT that includes:

  1. A revised version of Unit One
  2. A revised version of Unit Two
  3. Information about where your Unit Three project is. Please upload a link to this document. If you sent it to me via email, and make a note saying so in your final portfolio
  4. Your final reflection

For information about all units– including more about the final portfolio– see “final portfolio and reflection”

Note: some people may want to revise Unit Three, but generally speaking you will revise units one and two.  You need to revise at least two major units.

This slideshow on final portfolios may be useful!

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For Tuesday

yikes ! This didn’t post correctly on Thursday. Sorry!

As we talked about in class last week, your homework for Tuesday is to write a rough draft of your final reflection (post to open lab). Please see the description  in the final portfolio assignment sheet HERE. You can use the paragraph you wrote for homework last week as a starting place if that is useful.

Don’t forget– you’ll need to find quotes from your own writing to use in this final reflection! THIS SLIDESHOW might also help you get started. (About the 6th slide, I start to talk about the reflection piece)

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For Thursday, May 6


READ/ LOOK AT: Go back to what you wrote in response to the Mike Bunn article in Week Two about reading like a writer (you can find this under the  “Intro”  tab of “Discussions”. Think about where you were then as an author.

WRITE:  write a little note to your beginning-of-the semester self who wrote that response.  What have you learned since then about writing and about yourself as a reader/writer? What surprises have you encountered along the way? How do you think what you’ve learned might help you in future classes or in your professional lives? (You certainly don’t have to answer all of these questions, by the way– these are just ideas to get you started.) Hopefully this will be a good starting point for your Final Reflection. think about your final reflection and what you have learned this semester. So start working on a Shi&&y First Draft of that.

Post this to Open Lab. Category:  Portfolio and Reflection 

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