For this semester I learned that I could be better at writing if I take my time. What do  I mean about that? From the two previous final essays that I did for my  class. I only take one day to do them and I didn’t have time to revise them because it’s way too late. I had to send them on time. I know it’s not the best way to do it but I still take the chance, because before it works. Moreover, having English as my third language could make my writing a lot more difficult so it requires a lot of work.


For the first essay which is final unit 1 my subject was “ Why We Should Not Use The Word  Nigga” . The idea of this essay was great. I explained a lot of good stuff in it and the story behind that word.However,the essay was not well organized because what was supposed to be the intro was a in the development part and the development part was in the intro.I realise that when I went to an office hours with the teacher where she break down every part of my essay and try to understand the concept and what I really try to explain to the audience. The real thing is I lacked ideas and evidence so I just improvised a lot of stuff and I didn’t take my time to re-read anything to see it make sense. Sometimes improvisation has made the essay more confusing for the reader because the idea doesn’t match up.


For the second final unit I did worse because I only took a couple hours to do at least 6 paragraphs of essay. Even when I came up with a good subject, which is “ What is the impact of divorce on children” .The development was not great and the reader could not get enough interesting facts about it. At this one, I didn’t even do a rough draft which means it was all improvisation .So  I went straight to the final draft . The feedback from this essay was not positive and it makes me feel that my writing skills have decreased and I feel disappointed. From now I learned that revision will be the best thing I could do as a writer, rushing over time will not lead me to good results.I still hate my unit 2 because it the one I got the worst grade for, but I have a great subject for it. 


My final unit 3 was my best one because I took a lot of time to do it. It was my first time doing a comic book so I wrote a scene first which led me to a good introduction that had the reader’s attention. The second thing I did was to pick an image from google that matches the scene. So far so good, I made a good development and a good conclusion. I was excited to present it in class and the teacher was satisfied with my project. So I think unit 3 was my favorite even though it took me time to do it, but I enjoy it a lot and I also enjoy the mixing color that I included. The comic books make me gain confidence in my writing again and it makes me think I could be a good writer especially when I used characters.I also enjoyed listening to a podcast from another student I wish I can do one too but next time.

Moreover, It’s good for me to have a chance to revise the two assignments I mess up in. From here I can take more time to read my writing and reorganize my essay. I can also use my teacher’s advice to make it better because my goal is to get the reader’s attention. I will do more research about the articles and come up with a better idea than before. I will work on giving more evidence about the article which will make it more interesting for any readers.

I feel a little bit of pressure especially this week because I got it off final. On the order hand, In this English class, I have done my best on those two essays that I messed upon. I think I could do my best on them. I just need to motivate myself to read a little bit more and deliver an interesting article for the reader. I also need to read more because I don’t like doing that but it would help me in the future and contribute to my writing skills. I will also work on my conclusion skills which I learned more about in the past week in class where the teacher showed us a video that made me understand it more.