an important aspect of writing is to be creative with your writing and it. To make your writing good is to proofread and make clarity with your words. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect.

Before I started college, my writing skills in high school were great and improving in my English classes, but when college started, my writing skills started plummeting. For example, my writing was great but sometimes I was having problems with writing with clarity and giving clear understanding, which led it to be confusing and hard to understanding and I felt like had started to forget my grammar.  I felt that college English classes were harder than I thought. However, later in the semester, I learned and improved.  The effective thing I did on this course was turning in my assignments on time before the deadline and manage time management. The toughest thing about the course was gathering my thoughts, thinking about how my writing should go and what should I do, and procrastination despite handing in assignments before 8 am.

Unit 1 didn’t go as I planned to and it was an example of my improvement in my writing skills plummeting. In Unit 1 I used the word “Faith” to describe my discourse community and used my personal experience to explain how I recognized the name. There were some areas in my Unit 1 final paper where it was confusing for my audience to understand what is going on and there’s was some disorganization. For example, “My first impression of that word meant it is a hope for something whenever you’re in a situation or worried about an outcome of something. Everyone inside and outside of my community thinks that”. This was one of the areas I felt were confusing and could have elaborated more to make it clear.

Currently, I feel like my writing skills have made an improvement comeback. meaning that my skills have improved again and this time even more. Unit 2 was the only unit I improved my writing skills. One of the sentences that helped me with my writing improvement was” Unfortunately, we expect police officers to assist in situations like this when they respond to a mental health crisis but instead, they harm the person who is suffering from a mental illness that is having an episode by seriously injuring or killing them. This is because police officers are not qualified to be mental health providers. How are we going to address the issue of police brutality? “. I felt like this is what attracted readers to read my article and it gave clarity understanding. Another thing is that I need to improve my conclusion because my conclusion seemed to be lacking.  The first sentence, “People in society are unconcerned about current events that may or may not impact or happen to them because they do not think it would” didn’t make sense at all and I should think twice about putting the sentence into the final paper and I should look over my work to find anything sentence that doesn’t make any sense and or confusing. I also do believe that I should look deeply into the facts that I stated in my final paper.

Unit 3 was a lot of fun. Instead of writing, there was an opportunity for me to use my voice as writing. As for that, I did a podcast to tell listeners my story. In my podcast, I told every detail and described my day in quarantine and going to school online. In my podcast, I explained and described every detail of how my day goes. For example, one of the things I said, “When school was over, I went to go do some chores. I went to go wash the dishes, take out the garbage and babysit my two nieces while my parents were outside of the house. While babysitting, I helped them with homework and watched movies together. I also did fitness and dance workouts at home and it felt weird to me doing those things at home and I mostly do them outside of the house”, was an example of how I described my quarantine days and what I do after online school. I felt like unit 3 was the easiest project I have ever done in this course because it’s not a lot of writing.

This term has taught me a lot than the last term and I have learned and improved so much throughout the spring term. There were some things that I did not know about before college. I will use what I learned in my English course in my community and career such as writing and communicating with my discourse community.