Hi everyone! Before I list the homework, I want to remind you of the Literary Arts Festival on Tuesday– your one and only chance to get extra credit in this class!  And how can you GET that credit? Just write a 150 word paragraph (posted on OL) about what you saw (liked, didn’t like, thought, learned, whatever) at the festival!  HERE is the link to register for the event.

Remember that the student writers will be writing about life during the Covid era, which may help you with Unit 3. Also, HERE is the link to the poem we watched in class.

Now, for Tuesday’s Homework (due by 8 am, natch)

If you haven’t already, please post the in-class writing we did on Thursday.  An uploaded photo is fine

WRITE: some ideas for Unit 3.  You’ll need to answer all of the following questions:

  1. The prompt for this unit asks you to answer one or both of the following questions: “How has the past year challenged or changed you?” or “What have you learned in the past year that you would like to share with others?”  But remember, you may have learned something surprising and not at all covid-related!  What do you think you would like to write about in this unit?
  2. The assignment also asks you to be specific– to talk about a particular aspect of the year that only you can talk about (or to tweak it in your own particular way!) How do you intend to get specific? 
  3.  What kind of document are you thinking about  making? A video essay with interviews? A video of you reciting a poem? A series of infographics? A comic book? Look at the Unit Three assignment for ideas, but you can branch out from there if you like.  Remember, the requirement is that you use words and images  OR words and sounds OR words, images and sounds.
  4. What are your concerns about this assignment?  That is, maybe you want to make a podcast, but you really have no idea how to do that (see THIS handout– maybe it will help). Or you want to do a comic but you can’t draw (THIS might help)

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