The truth is, I spent most of this year in my house trying to figure out how to deal with collage, work and still have time for myself so must of my time i used it inside my room doing work and trying to figure out a schedule that would work for me which includes work, collage, family, the gym and friends but time went much faster than expected since i used up a lot of my time in my room, sometimes the day goes by and it feels like it has only been minutes.



In order to combat  the pandemic i have decided to be more productive and use more of my time wisely so and i decided to go to the gym which helps me keep myself wealthy through this times in which we spend most of our time at home, i have also decided to go out with friends while still keeping ourselves safe and i do this in order to not let the pandemic affect my connections or my relationships.



Although we are going through terrible times, it is not just good but also important to remember to be happy, to smile and to laugh and that is why you shouldn’t separate yourself from the world just because of this pandemic. You should still enjoy yourself, have fun, go out with your friends and family because being sad won’t do any good and doing nothing won’t either.