This topic is worth writing about because it can be a major issue in our country that has been asked for many centuries. Should we allow immigrants come to our country legally or illegally? In this case it isn’t addressing that specific issue it’s taking about the conditions of where immigrants where being placed in jail during the pandemic.  Where they had to faced emotional repercussions of the anxiety if they where next to get contagious or to die. Worrying how where they’re loved ones, kids what can they possible be doing, in what conditions are they under since they couldn’t be together. This can help show a important topic because we where seeing in the news how many kids where crying to not have their parents be deported, for them to remain together, for many of them not have to die with people they don’t know. This affects our community, this are people that are running from something. They want a asylum help and we should be there I understand it an issue that won’t be solve by this paragraph. However, I say  we should at least treat those immigrants that are incarcerated better not like animals they are humans after all. We should have consideration for them and their lives. My words are unique because it something we need to acknowledge rather than take it for granted. It’s in a timely matter because it’s something brought by many and many think this way just don’t say it and somehow it needs to be heard by me or anyone.