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Unit #2- Rough Draft

Why is sexual harassment still a problem ? ,What is the percentage of sexual harassment ? or if people are really inform on what is sexual harassment? This questions go throw my mind every time because nowadays this problem it has become too common around the world and it makes me believe that people are not inform or there’s is not enough awareness to people be aware of this problem is serious thing that people suffer from and they can get a bad trauma from it. Many people can suffer from sexual harassment for example men and woman but must of the cases are more to the lady’s and they can suffer this harassment in their everyday life which it makes it worse and it’s happening in regular places that shouldn’t be happening for example workplaces, school or even at home.Im doing this article because I want a change in this society for a better future and making this article I really hope to make a change and more people become more realize that sexual harassment its getting worse than before and with this social media we can make it happen or ether make this situation even worse than it is now.

In my opinion this topic should be talk more for the reason people should be able to realize if someone is in danger or are suffering from harassment in any place for example I did my research about sexual harassment during this research I was trying to see what came up in the internet I find some interesting websites saying if u need help contact us or if u need a lawyer and bunch of stuff like to fight back but legally or in court but the fighting back doesn’t start from there because those that are being assault or harassment  not only suffer psychically they also suffer mentally and the are more affected mentally because they start thinking they are all along and there’s no one to the rescue ; while looking for good website I stumble in a website that caught my eye and when I was reading it seems really help in a way that it explain and shows different way of harassment also there’s was a quote from that it made me go deeper in this topic and the quote is “According to a 2016 study by the EEOC, around 75% of people who experience workplace harassment fail to bring it up with a manager, supervisor, or union representative. One major reason is that employees fear that they will be retaliated against at work. However, another possible reason for underreporting is that employees who are subjected to inappropriate behavior aren’t clear on when it crosses the line into illegal harassment.” This whole sentence is really important because it’s saying that there’s a lot of people being afraid of speaking about this harassment  because they scare of being retaliated from their job, this is sad to hear because its like blaming a person for something they never try to do but they still suffer from it.

According to Pix 11 news “NEW YORK — Close to half of all women in New York State are victims of sexual harassment, according to a new survey, but many women in the workplace were not surprised.” This shows that even women from NYC are aware of this problem but it’s at a point in which they aware but there’s no change in society they ignoring the fact that they got to survive in a place were is no justice and they are living afraid of going to work or going out they are constantly fear.

This shows how irrelevant is sexual harassment in NYC but imagine how is in other countries , I am afraid of what can happen in a future seen in  what’s going on in today society and really want to make a change because I grew up around women and seeing them suffer from such a horribly way its sad and I have a little sister , I don’t want her to go throw that pain and being a afraid to tell her own family what’s is going on in her life and this harassment can really damage someone’s mentality and in some cases can go really far to points were those people that are in pain can commit suicide.

To be more in details sexual harassment can bring different ways of impacts in victims for example based on the article by Castronovo & McKinney, LLC. “While it’s heartening to see this issue receive more attention, it’s not the full story. As a matter of fact, much of the focus is unfairly devoted to the perpetrators. Big names, famous entertainers, and powerful congressmen are grabbing the spotlight. What’s often overlooked is how their actions have impacted the employees they have harassed.” They example of how victims of sexual harassment are affected as for in their societal, Psychological, emotional/personal and financial. This can tell us how hard it can affected someones everyday life at point its kind of hard to imagine how someone is going throw that and not take about it.

To review and conclude my paper We should put more attention to sexual harassment or any type of harassment or abuse because it’s becoming to regular in this society and by time it’s getting worse in which people are less inform or less interest in this topic. It’s time for a change and we can still change before there’s nothing we can do about it.  This problem has begun from a lot of years now and is still a severe problem not only for one gender but for both and it’s happening to young kids and its going affected their mental health and they also can become the people that harass others as revenge from what happen to then. My goal is to provide people with enough evidence or information to show them how bad sexual harassment is getting and look for those victims to help them and create a better society for the future.


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