I pick the articles “Is Marriage Obsolete?” ,because this article is related to a reality that generation from generation is experienced. The author Heather Havrilesky has decided to show her own marriage experience and her daughter’s decision about marriage. The author from her marriage is showing a good example so their daughter could follow their path. However, she decides not to marry no matter what all she wants in her future is a little house with a car. Furthermore, the author explains that marriage includes a lot of ups and downs to make it successful but in some cases, a marriage could be a bad decision for two people. For example, a lot of things about marriage have been a change where loving someone is not enough. First, the stability of their economy, sexual satisfaction, their future activity in life become also some of the most important factors that two people should work on to ensure their marriages. 

Before the 18th century, as the author mentioned, the pairing of two people with a different ideology could have consequences in their marriage because they think by marrying they could achieve a good life but a lot of think we’re missing to make it great.

I found this article interesting by balancing the time and showing how marriage characteristics has changed over the century.That mean if your parents are married and they are living a good life doesn’t mean in the future you should marry because in your time marriage would require more thing that your parents did do to make their marriage successful.To have a successful marriage the couple will have to create a friendship between them where the communication would be the key of every situation.In addition they should be ready for the difficult  moment they will face during their marriage and be able to solve it out. If they could not do that they will end up with a divorce which affects their children in the future.