At first, the article about privacy caught my attention. But I saw that it was connected to covid 19 and it did not attract my attention so much because in reality I am tired of reading and hearing about the pandemic and all the damage that the pandemic caused.

Therefore I decided to choose another article that was “Is marriage Absolute” because it is a topic that I would like to know more about. One thing I learned from this article was that I didn’t know that single women live longer than married women. While married men live longer than single men. The reason why I think it is due to stereotypes is that women are usually the ones who are responsible for the home and the man spends the whole day away from home while the woman stays doing the chores. But today, women have learned to become more emotionally and economically independent. therefore it does not need as much of a man as in the old days.

Another point that I found very interesting about the article is that high expectations make a good marriage. This seemed very interesting to me because I believe that in manifesting and that everything is in your mind of how you want or want to see things.

The way the author used research was by demonstrating what marriage was like in the 1800s and 1900s. He also used the example of his daughter who does not want to marry, therefore it is the voice of many people who nowadays do not want to marry either. The reason why the daughter of the writer thinks that way is because she had the perfect example of why not to marry because she saw for herself what it was and what it was like to be married by her parent’s example.

This article fulfilled my expectations because I wanted to know a little more about marriage. I think that marriage is something very beautiful (at first) but it is not always like that, therefore we have to be aware that it will be difficult. I also believe that first we have to find happiness for ourselves than to go running to find it with someone else. we have to go one step at a time.