Throughout this whole pandemic everyone might’ve been stress physically, mentally, and emotionally especially on our  social, economic and environmental factors. For example less communication in person, now everything you do is online, virtual learning, unemployment, how are bills going to be paid, lost a loved during COVID 1, being affected, quarantine, wearing face mask, unable to breath in it, and  buildings or stores are closed temporarily. 2020 has been a rough stressful year. It is now things are slowly changing getting better for the world due to approved vaccinations and less cases of corona. Corona had many us overthinking and stress .o one knows when is it all going to end but whatever stress were in don’t let it effect you, think positive and do what must to be done. I chose this article because I can relate on the stress it built on me and to my family. It stopped great plans that were supposed to happened and we lost our grandma which is on my mother side of the family. I learned so much when reading this article by Laura Sanders not only she explained stress she provided examples and experimented on students who are under stress during a test. These information all came from many supporting document with great citations.  I learned that “When the prefrontal cortex goes quiet, more reactionary brain networks take over. Lauren Sanders basically taught us what’s in our brain and how it functions and where is it located.  She also provided how to relieve your stress by eating healthy, exercise, and enough sleep.  Her researcher to back up her conclusion came from neuroscientists and psychologists teachers from universities.