Not many people alive prior to the COVID-19 pandemic have ever really experienced a quarantine, it’s crazy to think that just 2 years ago it’d be weird to see people walking around with masks.  COVID-19 has made so many things commonplace and one of the main effects of COVID has been its effect on us mentally. Laura Sanders goes in-depth about the effect of COVID on us mentally in her piece aptly named How coronavirus may scramble our brains. She describes the increasing stress that COVID has imposed on our everyday lives, like having to worry even more about what you touch and where you go. COVID has stressed a lot of aspects of everyday life Laura brings up how COVID has in her words “COVID-19 foisted on us a heavy mix of health, economic, and social stressors”. Laura demonstrates how COVID’s arrival changed the way the entire world has to function and go about their lives, this drastic change is one of the biggest causes of stress since people have to break their routines.