Welcome To Graduation

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Welcome to Graduation

Deep in a slumber I’m having such a great dream but it all stops. My eyes start to open but barley, I’m awaken to loud music. All I could hear is “Wake up Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. Fresh Mr. by himself-he-so-impressed. Very confused from where all  the rucks is coming from I follow it. For it to come from my brothers room. From the beginning of this song we know who the famous artist is. Kanye West’s Graduation revolved around his earliest albums Late Registration and The College Dropout. “Good Morning” featured on his Graduation album described his personal thoughts and feelings towards a new path. Having the same feelings I played this song the day of my high school graduation and became legendary. Graduating from high school to begin college was the new path I was taking to adulthood. Worried and alone it was a new chapter beginning in my life. Transition isn’t always easy but things will work out.


    I guess this is my dissertation homie, this shit is basic

    Welcome to graduation

He finally accomplish becoming a rapper. Kanye actually being a college drop out to focus on his career became very famous due to his three album release. Through his lyrics and tone it draws people closer to his songs which mostly targets the black community but particularly the youth and the upcoming generations.

         From the streets of the league

         From an eight to a key

       But you graduate when you make it up outta the streets

      From the moments of pain
      Look how far we done came
     Haters sayin’ ya changed
    Now ya doin’ ya thang  

Growing up black in this world your skin tone is a threat. Looked upon as a “thug” and always in the streets hustling it feels like a trap. However making it to the league, music Industry, or becoming a dancer you become something and escape the lifestyle you had for a better one. The visuals of his album covers includes a bear that changed overtime to show his growth. Including in his Graduation video the bear represents Kanye. Throughout the video it showed other songs on the album such as ‘Stronger’, ‘Good Life’ and ‘Flashing Lights’. Certain parts of the video shows his struggle to get to his destination which is to be an icon in the rap industry. To receive a degree that illustrates dropout university and earning his rap degree after going through obstacles he faced.

Regular routines we face everyday as to waking up late, missing the train and finding any possible way to get where we have to be. Relating to all
these events I was late to my graduation. Connecting to Kanye journey obstacles as the train, the weather and people prevented him from accomplishing his goal in the video. However things work in mysterious way and a bad day you were just having become good. Kanye becoming the artist he is today his songs lyrically focused on real issues. Such as brutality, the government and change. Although that changed overtime with Kanye becoming Yeezus. The biggest controversy of today being the old Kanye and the new Kanye. The old Kanye rapped about change for people and people chasing after their dreams to become something. But referred to Yeezus as he calls himself isn’t himself anymore. He is seen to be ‘lost’ or needs to ‘get out’ related to one of the best movies. With many opinions on Kanye’s change hasn’t changed his fans that still listens to his music. They still may think the old Kanye is deep down somewhere in him and might make a come back. With his old albums we still have apart of the old Kanye that became what he hoped for. Particularly Graduation was a wake up call to himself and the world. Where he showed off his lyrical abilities and reminisce about his college days.

It being ten years since Graduation was released made a new era of hip hop and turned the rap industry. Kanye “Good Morning” is his goodbye to the chapter his closing to open a new one.

    Hustlers that’s if you’re still living, get on down

        Every time that we hear them

        Good Morning!

It’s a celebration of life and making it to the unpromised tomorrow. That we live everyday with no regrets and take every risk that comes our way. Kanye expressing these thoughts throughout his music makes what people call great music. Music with a message and meaning or to have people think way more on what they believe. His earliest albums changed music and made Kanye move to a new level musically and culturally.

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