For Sept 5

  1. Remember to get onto the Open Lab– if you have not yet joined, email me with your CityTech email! Make sure to add the course number for this class
  2. Remember we won’t meet until Weds, but we will be on the Monday schedule

HOMEWORK: Read “Shop Class as Soulcraft” (handed out in class, or online HERE.) Annotate the text– by which I mean, you should mark it up with your thoughts and questions. Talk back to the text in writing!

I would also like you to write what is called a “Difficulty Paper.” This is an INFORMAL paper (I’m not grading grammar or organization– this is just a response to the text) in which you write about what you found difficult or confusing about the article and, most importantly, WHY. Be specific! If you found the sentence structure confusing, quote a sentence that confused you and point to what specifically bothered you. If you found an idea you disagreed with, quote that idea directly. Explain why you disagreed, and where you think the writer went wrong. The reason we do this is that the places we get stuck are often the places where we’re doing our best thinking!  THESE SHOULD BE AT LEAST 350 WORDS. PLEASE TYPE THEM, PRINT THEM AND BRING THEM TO CLASS ON WEDS!