MEDU 2010

Desmos Project

I use desmos to explain what an inequality equation looks like and how you can solve them. I also explained how to find the region of the solution. I showed when you supposed to have solid line and when you should have dashed line. These are all things that a student understand  needs to know to be successful in the topic of inequalities.


Geogebra Project

\begins {Angle bisector Concurrence Theorem If Triangle ABC is any Triangle , the tree bisectors of the interior angles of Triangle ABC are Concurrent . The point of concurrency is equidistant from the sides of the triangle.\end { theorem}

For this project, I created a geogebra worksheet that is interactive and is meant for a student who missed a class. The worksheet goes step by step with commentary to help the student understand what the theorem says.



Project #3

The graphing calculator gives a solution for the equation but when x=0 there should be no solution.

The graph sinx/x should have an open circle at x=0 because at x=0 sinx/x  is undetermined.

For this project, I talked about the errors that can occur in TI-84 calculator when comparing the functions y1=sin(x)/x and y2=1/x


Project #4

For this project, I talked about an interactive system called p@irformance. I discussed what it is, and the goals of this system. I also talked about the way teachers learn this system and how they apply it to the classroom.