My name is Geannel Vargas. I currently attend New York City College of Technology. I’m studying in the Baccalaureate program for Business and Technology of Fashion. I’m expected to graduate in Spring 2020. This e-portfolio will showcase my talent and creativity in the content you’ll be seeing. 

My e-portfolio will consist of burgundy, charcoal grey, and white tones. The reason these colors are chosen to represent Geannel Vargas is to show formal and minimal effort into this website. According to Canva, burgundy is a color that symbolizes ambition, wealth, and power (Canva, 2020). This portfolio would like to present works from a student who is ambitious and determined to grow. Charcoal is a color that symbolizes strength and mystery and Whitesmoke is a color associated with purity (Canva, 2020). This portfolio not only will show a clean and modern take on most fashion portfolios but will show the astonishing quality of work. The background image is created by an emerging artist, Cristina Martinez, who was discovered through Instagram @Sew_trill. In the Career Tab, there will a detailed description of the meaning behind the logo under the Brand Image Project. 

Logo created on Wix Logo Maker




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