Day in the park

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Scene descriptions:

It happens in a day in the park, the main character, Mike meets his ture love of his life, Jenny.

Mike plans go to take a walk after lunch. He is surprised that there are full of people in the park even though today has bad weather, but he suddenly feels happy to see such scene that park was full of children and other people. “It’s better than sit in front of computer,”  he thinks. In a few minutes, the heavy rain suddenly falls down above peope, of course, everyone start to ran around to try to find a shelter. The lady show up in front of Mike’s eye, and what happen? The lady was fallen on the ground and looks like helpless, but no one go to help her up, people are too busy to find a shelter. In the end, Mike give her a hand, and take off his shirt off as umbrella for them, then they walk out the park together, and so Mike’s love story  has begun began.


Characters descriptions:


He is thin, but beeft man with pointy chin. Mike was handsome boy with deep bruntte, there are big eyes with glass on his charming face.

wearing a fashion T-shirt and coat with jeans.



She is thin and blonde. There are small eyes with her long hair make her look like a little princess.

Wearing a red dress.

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