Samantha Gonzalez is my name and designing is my game. I was born, rised and still live in The Bronx. I’m second semester freshman at City Tech studying Graphic Arts. As of right now I don’t know what field within Graphics I want to pursue as a career but I’m leaning toward music and magazine design.

I started out as a trained ballet dancer where I basically spent every second in a dance studio and once I got to High School and was exposed to a wonderful art program that stole my passion. I changed from a dance major to a Dual Major and instead of just dancing on stage I was a part of stage crew, creating the beautiful scenery for every show. This made dancing in what my team and I created feel that much more amazing.  That’s when knew I was going to follow through with an arts base career. Throughout high school I learned the basic Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I was then voted President of yearbook club because my fellow students noticed that I was extremely creative and had amazing computer skills.

My future/goals were and still are unclear, but I took the chance of jumping into the G.A department and I absolutely love it. Throughout my years here in City Tech I plan to expand on these computer skills and define my majors before graduating.