Yanek Yakubov’s ePortfolio

Hi, my name is Yanek.

I’m somebody who believes that there is more to Nursing than just treating an illness. A nurse is somebody who supports others through their journeys whether it’s easy or tough, exerting the commitment to get them back to a level where they can be their best. The great communication nurses build with their clients allows voices to be heard, and needs to be understood. The nurture and comfort that a nurse provides contributes to the basis for what makes us the most trusted healthcare professionals.  What I enjoy about Nursing is that our care is transmitted as an energy, and it can be contagious. The countless number of times that nurses became nurses because of an experience they had is the reason why I love this field so much. It shows us that our care is always appreciated and never forgotten. I believe there is a nurse in every one of us, and as long as our profession exists, we can bring warmth to the world by showing how to care for others.

The BSN program at City Tech has expanded my knowledge by shifting my perspective beyond the clinical framework of what Nursing is. One of the things we as nurses strive to uphold is equal care. By integrating social, economical, and political issues into the curriculum, I was able to take into consideration and understand the many different factors that affect patient care. One of the most interesting things I took from my experience was how different people have higher or lower risks for adverse health outcomes, and how the availability for access to healthcare differs among various socioeconomic populations. By being aware of these issues, my colleagues and I have the ability to initiate a step toward change where equality is the norm within the healthcare system. However, addressing the community as a whole also requires understanding the fine details and dynamic of the people within. Fortunately, the beauty of Nursing is that we always care for patients of various backgrounds and cultures. We learn something new from our patients, and the ability to practice humility while being culturally competent is a strength that gives us the ability to create bonds with the communities that we serve.

Transitioning from school into the real world made me realize what areas of clinical practice I need to work on. However, it also made me realize the areas which I’m strong at. One of them is basic communication. For some reason, I can engage patients into non-stop conversations. They like to share their stories with me, and the comfort I provide makes them open up even more. In addition, my communication skills are given a +1 because coming from a European background, I learned to speak Russian at an early age. This proved to be an advantage as well. Nursing can be a demanding field, so time management is crucial. My previous background experience working at the busiest ice cream parlor in Brooklyn sharpened up my efficiency, time management and speed. It’s funny because I never would’ve thought that these work ethics would shift over into my nursing career. Luckily, it did. Within the first week of my first nursing job, I was told that I know how to move quick and get things done on time. While my strengths prove to keep me afloat in work settings, there’s still much more that I’m eager to learn.