1101-391 Language and Identity.

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    Carrie Hall

    Please post your questions about Shop Class below (in the reply box)

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    Alexandra Sandoval

    The Psychic Appeal of Manual Work
    The author talks about how he began working as an electrician helper at age fourteen. I want to know how this ties in with the story he is telling us about.


    Erik Yan

    I still kind of agree with the author even after rereading it. I still wonder why the author talks about a Noel Dempsey? What was the point of introducing a Noel Dempsey and then not bring him up again in the article.



    The author talks a lot about himself and where he stand-in the article. Also on the other side of his perspective of Studies and how people studying on what they want to be. I wonder what Drove him so far in life to write about his past and advice he gives others young bright minds ? Or was it for him to Rember what he accomplished Or share his lifes experiences with the world?…


    Brad Griffith

    What does the author mean when he says “hide the works” on page 7 paragraph 2?


    Omrit P

    The author speak about college and how it determines your life. I want to know is that “Does the author hate college and does he believe there is something better than college?”



    Why does the author seem so disappointed in the decline of trades?And why does the author use his sophisticated vocabulary?


    Lansey Cerisier

    As stated in the article students are prepare to work white collar jobs. Mathew B Crawford also had to attend these schools that taught similar materials. What made him take a different approach and not fall into the path schools were pushing them to be and became involve with blue collar work?


    Anima Anowar

    The author mentions cognitive ability several times. Why is it that cognitive ability is the only skill or ability that counts, and why wouldn’t blue-collar worker have that cognitive ability?



    The title of the article proves many points “shop class as soulcraft” to me I think this means that something about how the national culture has gotten so disdainful of physical labor. I really want to know the exact meaning from the author himself

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