1101-391 Language and Identity.

Ymanol Del Rosario


Professor: Carrie Hall




Dominicans In Nueva York


It was a cold night when Juan came to the United States for the first time. Juan is a Dominican who dream was to come to the USA to have a better future. Juan came here with empty pockets but full of dreams and desire. Juan has a cousin that lives in Washington heights his name is Carlos.

When Juan saw the New York City he was amazed by the lights and all the beautiful things that New York City has to offer but what Juan didn’t know is that a new journey was about to come for him .


Months past

Juan mi primo let’s go to the place where Dominicans make their mark but ten cuidado porque podemos tener problems with some of them.

Why? why tendremos problemas con ellos si todos somos domicanos somos raza primo(Juan said)… Yeah pero they not the same Dominicans as us you get mi punto primo (Carlos said ).

Juan and Carlos went to the Dominican place called San Nicholas Washington heights 181st and Juan was pretty shocked of what he saw there..


Primo pero what it’s this ? (Juan said )

We in the Dominican place primo que te parece este lugar ? ( Carlos said)

Wow primo este place is identical as my Pueblo .. oh man oh man ! Mira a ese puente primo ( Juan said ) .

What do you think about it ? (Carlos said )

Vea primo se lo digo yo I’m not going back to my country in a very very long time (Juan said )


After looking at all the things that Washington heights has for Juan something weird happened in the front of the building


(Juan walking ) .. primo el dominicano que no vive en New York doesn’t know about life..( bumps into a Dominican street drug dealer)


Oh man excúsame primo no me di cuenta that you were there man ( Juan said ).

Man you lucky I don’t bust your Little ass here boii( drug dealer said )

Klk manin what are you saying talk to me in English manin para que tú veas como yo resuelvo maricon(Juan said )


After the exchange of words between Juan and the drug dealer. Carlos got between and stop the drug dealer for some reason we don’t know.


Tato you want me to get the strap and kill you right here on site nigga ( drug dealer said )No bro don’t do anything el no sabe how this work around the bloque forgive him bro.( Carlos said)

Aii bet but I don’t wanna see this pussy ass maricon talking tuff to me … talk to me nice you hurddd my guy !! (Drug dealer said )


After the near incident Juan and Carlos went in to the apartment and carlos started to explain how things work in New York.


Look primo you have to be careful who talk to en las calles because you don’t know how things work in this country ( Carlos said )

Okay primo pero I’m not gonna let that Maricon to talk to me like I’m some piece of mierda (Juan said )

Yeah primo I know that pero aquí hay gente que parece de nuestra own race pero with different modales you get my thinking primo ? (Carlos said)

Okay primo all I want is to get a job in this country have my own apartment and get my documentos done you know ( Juan said )


1 week later Juan gets a job in a mexican restaurant as a dishwasher on the ground building because Juan didn’t have all of his documents.


Okay Juan este chambita se la tengo a usted para que trabaje full time but underground you know I don’t wanna have problem with the migration ( Ramon said restaurant owner )

Okay primo gracias ahora esto es lo que yo necesitaba to keep hustling in this country because you know no women wants a lazy man( Juan said and Carlos started laughing)


Juan was working as a dishwasher normally but there was one day that change everything for Juan and he couldn’t believe it. As Juan was walking home he met a girl call susana.


Valió la pena lo que era necesario para estar contigo amor tú eres una bendición!! ( Juan listening to bachata music )

Hahahahah ( susana laughs at Juan )

Hello beautiful lady how tú estás? ( Juan said )

I’m fine thank you how about you ?(susana said )

I’m bien thank you thank you ( Juan said )

( susana started laughing )

What ? What’s happening?( Juan said)

Usted habla español verdad ( susana said )

Yes ! I mean si si yo habló español ( Juan said)

Lo sabia ( susana said )

Como ( Juan said )

Porque your English is not that good que digamos ( susana said )

Teach me entonces I will love to have a teacher as Bella as you ( Juan said )

Hahahha yeah right ( susana said )

Oops I think I miss my apartment but anyways what’s you nombre mami ( Juan said )

Susana y el tuyo ( susana said )

Juan López pero call me Juan ( Juan said )

Ahaha okay Juan I will see you later bye ( susana said )


After the exchange of words Juan fell in love for susana who was a Dominican that came to New York long time ago but she was about to retire and go back to Dominican Republic and start a new life there .


Hay susana why don’t you take me to that place that is called Buger Kigdicen que son las mejores hamburguesas del país ( Juan said )

Hahahha” Burger King” if you want to make it here you have to learn English ( susana said )

Ven pero dímelo en español para que tú veas mami( Juan said )

Okay yo te llevo just because me caíste kind of good ( susana said )


Susana took Juan to downtown Manhattan where the beautiful lights and beautiful places are. They were having fun .


Estoy cansada vamos para la casa y comemos algo more appropriate ( susana said )

Okay yo no tengo nada que hacer anyways ( Juan said )

Okay get in the car ( susana said )

Hold on !espérame mami I’m a caballero I will open the door for you ( Juan said )

Hahahha thank you gentleman ( susana said )

Se arregló nueva yol( Juan said with joy )

Wow este carro todavía huele a nuevo ( Juan said )

Si es que I will sell it before going back to my country I worked so hard in this country that I got tired and I’ll retire ( susana said)

Retirada? Pero donde ( Juan said )

Yeah retirada pero para República Dominicana( susana said )

Se jodio nueva yol( Juan said sad)


Finally they got home after eating a descent food that Juan made for susana . Juan noticed that Susana had all of her stuff packed ready to leave to Dominican Republic. Juan felt sad that his motivation was leaving . After sleeping over susana house Juan woke up and look at the window and saw something strange something that he never seen before “snow”


Susana !! Susana !! What is that ? (Juan said )

That’s nieve Juan hahaha( susana said )

Juan grabbed his coat and went there to play with the kids . Susana was looking at him through the window and said ( why did you come so late to my life juan )


1 month pass Juan was getting money and he already got his own apartment. Juan was getting all the things that his have worked for but that same day susana was leaving the Country forever. Juan went running to stop susana from leaving the country


Susana no te vallas por favor (Juan said)

No Juan don’t do this you know I got no choice ( susana said )

At least let me give you this letter that I made for you when I thought my life changed because of you ( Juan said )

Take care Susana I won’t bothered you no more ( Juan said )

Susana got in the car and Juan was leaving after 5 minutes pass susana saw the letter and went back to Juan .


Juan ! Juan ! Wait ( susana said )

Que pasó susana I thought you were leaving ( Juan said )

Si you promise me that ? ( susana said )

Promise what ?( Juan said)

That you will work hard to earn money to go back to Dominican Republic to be together ( susana said )

Yes I will por favor just wait for me susana ( Juan said )

Please Juan don’t let me down like everybody else ( susana said )

I won’t preciosa ( Juan said )

Susana kisses Juan


After the kiss between Susana and him that gave Juan more motivation to work hard ,earn money to be with his crush susana in Dominican Republic. 2 months has passed Juan has the money to go back. Juan already bought the flight to go to Dominican Republic but something terrible happened when Juan went to Carlos house to say goodbye.


Diablo primo Klk entonces you leaving de verdad ?( Carlos said )

Claro manin New York is not for everybody primo I prefer to be in my lovely country ( Juan said )

Hahaa primo you don’t even have a year in this country and you leaving dique de retirada( Carlos said )

Pa que tú veas primo New York is a city with opportunities but not for me also I got susana esperándome allá ( Juan said )

Bueno primo I will miss you let me walk you down the stairs so you can take el taxi para el aeropuerto ( Carlos said )

Tato primo ( Juan said )

As walking down the stairs Juan got set up by Carlos and the drug dealer


Don’t fucking move Maricon( drug dealer said )

Primo let’s get out of here ahora ( Juan said )

No primo hasta aquí llego usted ( Carlos said )

Primo de que tú hablas ( Juan said )

I’m sorry primo if I don’t do this they will kill my family ( Carlos said )

Who primo ?quienes ( Juan said )

Los gangsters ( Carlos said )

Coño primo usted está involve in that ? (Juan said )

Yeah primo sorry but just give me all your money and nothing will happen to you I promise ( Carlos said )

Man I don’t got time for this bullshit kill this nigga Carlos (drug dealer said )

Diablo pero que Maricon tú eres Carlos tú verá Klk ahora ( Juan said )

Mátalo ( drug dealer said)

Juan was about to fight Carlos when

( gunshot )

Drug dealer shot Juan

No!!!!! No!! No fucking way !! We said this was supposed to be clean no killing no nothing! ( Carlos said crying )

Primo !! Primo !! Estas bien ( Carlos crying )

Get the money and vamonos deja que se muera ( drug dealer said )

Carlos points a the drug dealer with the gun and says ( I will kill you mamaguevo we said no killing no nothing )

Yeah pero what we gonna do you really gon shoot me Carlos ? ( drug dealer said)

Juan screaming because of the pain Carlos got distracted and the drug dealer shoots him in the lower stomach

( gunshot )

Tú eres un mamaguevo( Carlos said to the drug dealer )

Hahahha viste yo soy el gangster aquí Klk (drug dealer said )

The drug dealer takes the money and evacuates the scene . After 30 minutes the ambulance takes Juan and Carlos to the hospital and they are in dangerous condition because of the bullets impact on their body.

When Juan was in the hospital he was dreaming that he went to Dominican Republic and nothing of this was true . He dreamed that he finally met Susana again after months of waiting all of this was just a dream .. and Susana gave up . Juan is in a comma hoping to get quickly out of this . Time passed and Juan finally open his eyes and he sees …….

To be continued.


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The slang word / acronym / abbreviation KLK   
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