1101-391 Language and Identity.

Art can be expressed in many ways and also be perceived in different ways. Song, videos, painting and so on all count as a work of art. Art is just more than words and a picture it has meaning in almost all it’s words and pictures. Right now, music has big influence of our society. It can help us get over a rough time and so on. Some artists like to put hidden messages in their song to see if anyone will catch it as someone listens to their song.

I chose a rapper who goes by the name NF. Nathan Feuerstein who is known as NF writes his music about his life experiences. In most of his song he talks what has happened throughout his life and talks his struggles as an artist. The song that I chose from this artist was “Therapy Session”.

This song was a way for Nathan to explain why he does music and also mention problems that teens are having with themselves. Depression and suicide is the main issues that is mentioned in the song. In the song “Therapy Session” by NF, “Kids hit me up, say they slitting’ their wrist on the daily”, “This music is more than you think”. I feel like the artist added this to his song because to show what is going on in our world. He believe music is something that can help other to heal or even something more. He uses his platform as a therapy for him and also help other who is going through same battle as him or similar to his problems. Although he might have violent lyrics but these problems are somethings you don’t take lightly. I felt he an angry tone towards to problem. Like he didn’t hear these things from kids and hearing that young teens are beaten by their parents. This by violent tone is somewhat the reason why you may perceived that his lyric are violent.

Nathan talk about how he uses music as a way that helps him throughout his life. As Nathan said in a interview written by Taylor Lovaas, “I just wanted to put something out there that will definitely be therapy for me but I knew it was going to be extremely relatable to others because…”(Lovaas). This explains why Nathan does what he does. He believe his work can help others by what he is saying. Nathan say this in his interview that what he does helps him with himself. He is trying to convey his message by using his experience to connect with other.

As stated on songfacts, “It came from conversations with fans about depression,  self-harm, and other topics which the rapper can relate to.” Its explaining that this song is related to the author.  He wants to put something out to show what is going on in this world. He feels that if he put something out there it should be something that can help others. Nathan may have many lyrics that may have seen as violent. Many of song that if listen to is mostly violent.According to Sam Robinson which was stated by NF, “If you listen to my old stuff, you can hear it in my voice” and “What annoys me about it now is that I feel like I’ve come out of that a lot more.”(Robinson). Nathan shows that you can even hear in his music that what he did not really clearly. He puts a lot of emotions in his song where it comes out violent to the point where he doesn’t like the things that are happening to him.

When I started to listen I always thought he was good. From the first song I have listened to this song. I have always knew that these were somewhat true. I had once had a friend who was facing depression and its sad that I can’t do anything about it. His song somewhat reminded me of  that and also shows that everyone have their own problems. He explains in his song that he also has his problems too but his music is what is helping and his fans also.

NF is very real with the music he comes out with. He goes in deep to what he says in his songs but also give them a lot of emotions to show the listener of what things he does like. Depression, self-harm and other topic had been an big thing in our world today and especially with teens. Nathan is giving some insight that this is happening globally and just want to help with his musics. NF uses his music as a bridge to connect with other that are facing the same or relatable problems as himself. He want to help others to conquer their demons.


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