1101-391 Language and Identity.

                                                        Lansey Cerisier

                Shop Class as Soulcraft

School is resource for children, teens and adults. The staff, books and technology are what makes a school become a resource. It’s an example of a learning resource. It’s there to develop the individual and expand their learning. Education is very important with so much knowledge it can be used for many things. Bringing a person far in life and success. Students attend school to prepare for the future. It can be referred to a key because many doors can be open. They are given the knowledge and skills to become what they desire. I think schools should reintroduce vocational skills classes to prepare students for the opportunities outside of white collar oprofessions. This will benefit the student to adjust for work in a trade, craft or profession. With many variety of choices, students will choose different paths instead of being guiding to the same future.
Vocational skills are composed of many different fields meaning students can study or entered into any field and isn’t pushed towards a particular profession. Students should have the power to study or explore whatever they like and vocational classes gives them that chance. This is a way students will know whether the type job or lifestyle they want to peruse will fit them. This class will keep them unbiased and have a voice on what’s right. A person voice is the most powerful things as well as knowledge. Preparing them to be involved into different profession can set an example for the upcoming generations. The youth are told they are the future. The media , schools or personal experience can aspire someone to be anything unlike an white collar. The media today plays a major role in teenagers life. It influences them to become the role models they look up too. To chase after their dreams and experience discrete interests. For example a hairstylist, they are self taught. There are no classes to teach young girls or boys to do hair. Watching tutorials on YouTube and practicing made them master on doing various hairstyles. Having vocational classes can help students learn some professions don’t have recognition and should be taught.
This instructs technique, to qualify for a job and students will have an advantage towards others.
According to “Shop Class as Soulcraft” Crawford states “It appears shop class is becoming a thing of the past, as educators prepare students to become “knowledge workers”. ( page 7) This suggest students to become involved with information and strategies, devaluing blue collar work. I agree with the authors argument schools are encouraging white collar work. For example our parents wants us to pursue careers that will provide for the lifestyle we want. Becoming lawyers, accountants or involved in management. All jobs relating to a business major. There are more materials taught relating to business on working to create or join one. Crawford’s opinion differs he believes manual labor can support a person and can become successful. He views white collar to be dull, there’s no excitement or passion in their work. We go to school to sit in class for hours. To listen , take notes and complete work. Are we no different compared to white collar workers ? We’re both similar however this is a job for others for us it’s an everyday routine. Although we are given information learning what we don’t know can make us become better in life. “Given the intrinsic richness of manual work, cognitively, socially, and in its broader psychic appeal, the question becomes why it has suffered such a devaluation in recent years as a component of education.” (Page 15) Depicted on the authors perspective the board of education has failed students. They aren’t given guidance towards manual work. Students should have the chance to experience what it is about and what it can do for them.
Based on the article the author provides his views on how blue collar work is portrayed. White collar work has more recognition unlike blue collar. “Today in our schools, the manual trade are given little honor.” ( page 11) Manual trace is not talked highly. It’s kept in the dark leaving students with little knowledge. I think being a producer is better than a consumer. You are creating and forming art. If you were given the choice to pick would you become a blue collar ( consumer ) or white collar ( producer ) ? Crawford’s judgement on the two is blue collar stands out more. There’s something to enjoy and cherish. Craftsman improves skills and strength. “ By all means, go to college. In fact, approach college in the spirit of craftsmanship, going deep into liberal arts and sciences. In the summer, learn a manual trade.” ( page 24) Liberal arts and science is a mixture of everything. Students who usually enter college with liberal arts, leaves majoring something different then what they were expecting to major in. Similar in a way to vocational classes both classes share the diverse people should have information of what can make them superior.
On the other hand schools shouldn’t reintroduce vocational skills classes to prepare students outside of white collar professions because white collar workers faces degradation. This can be set back for students who to pursue this career. White collar work has benefits students can take and use. It’s a skillful job that requires thought.    “White collar professions, too are subject to routinization and degradation, proceeding by the same process as befell manual fabrication a hundred years ago: the cognitive elements of the job are appropriated from professionals, instantiated im a system of process, and then handed back to a new class of workers clerks who replace the professionals.”(page ) They can be replaced as well they encounter issues as other workers such as blue collar. With a new set a workers their more advanced than the ones before. Having an advantage on taking another white collar job.
To conclude vocational classes can be the key to a brighter future for upcoming generations. Schools reintroducing the classes will have students want to attend to expand their learning. Being ahead the the next student wanting to go in the same field. It’s a resource something that will take students far in life accomplishing what they been chasing for.


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