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“Og vs. New Gangster”

Imagine a place without crimes. Imagine your parents not worrying about where you are? You leave your house not knowing your life might end. Getting scared to walk down a block not knowing if you’re gonna get stabbed, shot or even raped.That shit is insane. Now a days, you can’t do shit. You gotta stay indoors all because of “gang violence” Or so call “gangsters” You’re probably thinking who cares? Well that’s my point who even cares to know what goes on through our daily lives. My point is certain people are misusing the word gangster but that’s some real shit.  Don’t use “gangster” Unless you know what it means. You’re probably thinking what does she know about gangsters? Well if you’re wondering my cousin was gunned down by a gang. The thing that bothers me the most is that till this day is that the crime was never solved. Shit like that changes your perspective on certain shit. Through the years the word gangster has developed a new meaning to certain individuals. The word gangster was originally used around sometime in the 1800s. Gangster means “The *real* gangsters are those behind organised crime; most notably the Mafia. Responsible for blackmarket trade, epsionage, organised beatings/assassinations, etc. “The Godfather” portrays the archtype of true gangsters, showing the brutality of mob beatings, shootings, running rackets and abusing woman, alcohol and everything in between. The real gangsters are *not* to be confused with the aforementioned definition, commonly used as it might be”  But in this generation that’s not the case. Our gangsters now are really irrelevant making every little thing hot like the Trinitario gang. A group of individuals that think they’re big shots when actually everyone throughout the 5 boroughs dislike them for a shitty ass shit they’ve done. Stabbing a young beautiful soul who was 15 years old in the bronx leaving him to be lifeless. I’ve never seen anyone fought so hard for their life like the 15 year old. The way he ran to the hospital with multiple stab wounds just to die slowly outside of the hospital. That brought pain not only to me but everyone through the 5 boroughs. The way he was dragged out of the deli store like he was nothing. That boy didn’t even get a chance to explore his life achieve goals all because of stupid issues. He walked out of his house not knowing that was his last time on earth. Are you kidding me? Later on just to find out that it was a mistaken identity. Shit annoyed me and made me realize that our generation is all about violence and stupid irrelevant wannabe gangsters who thinks doing crimes are completely fine. Look all I’m saying is that old gangster’s did shitt mad low.

Like Al Capone was one of the famous gangsters leading the Chicago Outfit Gang in the 1800s through the 1900s.  As a gangster he had problems with a rival gangster named Bugs Moran and his gang called North Siders Gang. Bugs tried to kill Capone’s friend Jack McGurn due to this Capone and his gang shot back. On February 14, 1929 Bugs Moran and The North Siders Gang was lured into a garage to buy whiskey. When the Chicago Gang saw the North Siders gang walk in they pretended to be police officers and lined up the North Siders gang and shot them with machine guns in cold blood. Everything went well except Bugs Moran escaped as soon as he saw the police cars. The St. Valentine’s Massacre made Capone a fearless, smart, classy original gangster how it should be in this generation. Al Capone killed for a reason. If you so called “gangsters” want to do shit learn from him.  Even gangster movies explain how gangsters were back then also what was their situations and how they dealt with it. My junior year of High School I had a class called Film Studies. In that class we would watch old gangster movies some of the movies we watched were Angels with Dirty Faces made in 1938 starring James Cagney who played the gangster that a group of teenagers wanted to be and looked up to. Scarface made in 1932 starring Paul Muni who played a careless gangster who didn’t care if he had problems with the rival gang when he was told not to start anything.  

     Little Caesar made in 1931 starring Edward G. Robinson who played the gangster that wanted to be the most powerful one he does this by being a leader of a gang called Vettori’s gang.  These movies are similar to each other James Caney, Paul Muni, and Edward G. Robinson wore rich outfits such as a suit and tie, a coat, and a hat. They always had jewelry around their fingers, had a lover, and carried cigarettes. Everything that the old gangsters did was lowkey unlike today our so call gangsters make everything hot.

All I’m trying to get through ya heads is think before you use that word cause that shit is dead serious. Think before you so call gangsters gonna do something cause you’ll never know if you end up regretting it. Our generation of gangsters be killing for no reason. That shit drives me insane.

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