1101-391 Language and Identity.

Bryan Ramirez-Silvestre
September 24, 2018
English 1101-391
Professor: Dr. Carrie Hall

Crawford stats how , “The hard-headed educator will say that it is irresponsible to educate the young for the trades, which are somehow identified as the jobs of the past.”,which means that they believe trade jobs are not important or useless. The future doesn’t want to deal with the past. Trade jobs are those labor jobs that require specific training like carpenter or electrician. Much of the labor in trade jobs is manual work. Some are self employed which means they work for themselves as others are employed working for bigger companies.Instead of focusing on trade they want to focus on white collar jobs. White collar jobs are professionals like doctors, lawyers, business men.
My parents job isn’t easy they have manual jobs. My father gets his hands dirty working as a landscaper contractor.His job has to do a lot with cleaning the garden making sure the grass is always green. As well as planting,trimming,seeding, and much more. My father has to get up early to go to work and once I wake up to get ready he’s already out the door. My mother has a similar job where she wakes up to go to work she works as a house keeper.i feel sad when I see them go to work over the weekends. When they should be home resting but sometimes there’s not enough money so they have to go to work over the weekends.My parents knowing the job they have want me to have a better furTrue and working environment, That why they want me to keep going to school and pick a career better then what they picked for themselves.
In school I have two goals which are to pass my classes and make my partners proud of raising me to be smart and make the right choices. Crawford wants to bring back blue collar, trading jobs, but I don’t want that. I believe in a better paying job. I want to get a higher education to help me have a stabled life. In school we have programs that help us get into collage. There are internships, workshops, etc that help us. Being in collage also helps you learn more about the world and expand your knowledge. I am in college to become an architect which is a white collar job. I would be providing service to business and corporations.
Working in a office is better and easier then working in a blue collar job outside with all that heat and terrible weather conditions. White collar jobs also pay better. This is because you have a higher education level. So bankers, attorney, real estate agents work better and get paid better. You can network with other people in your job. It is important to Communication skills, technological skills that you will learn more in college.
As Crawford says “Alexandre Kojeve a man who works recognizes his own product in the world that has actually been transformed by his work he recognizes himself in it, he sees in it his own human reality, in it he discovers and reveal to others the objective reality of his humanity, of the originally abstract and purely subjective idea he has of himself.” This shows how Crawford was so devoted and into his labor work to learn more. He didn’t just work because he wanted money but to learn and take pride of his own work. Another example of blue collar jobs is craftsmanship with a mahogany coffee table. Which he talked about in the article and was proud of it. Therefore, he started to think about many different ways it’ll benefit him.
“Today, in our schools, the manual trades are given little honor. The egalitarial worry that has always attended tracking students into college prep and vocational ed is overlaid with another: the fear that acquiring a specific skill set means that one’s life is determined. In college, by contrast, many students don’t learn anything of particular application; college is the ticket to an open future.” This means that college is a way to the future. Going to college means opening yourself to other skills and possibilities to life. If one determined they’re skill and goes to a blue collar job for that skill they’re life ends there. They won’t go to college and see what else is out there to discover.
“The motivation previously supplied by the intrinsic satisfaction of manual work was to be replaced with ideology; industrial arts education now concerned itself with moral formation”. This has shown us that we do not want to do things the old fashioned way but in a newer and improved way. This is going to be achieved by the way you think and expand your knowledge. This is what you are being taught in collage. We want to improve better not only for ourselves but the community. Evolve to something amazing.
I believe that my future as well as others should be in higher education. I do not want to go through what my parents are going through. They always tell me to study and to well to have a better chance in life. I do not want to disappoint them of myself. I aim him, I dream high because I do not believe in limitations. Blue collar jobs will always be there but society, everyone, is thinking about white collar jobs.Therefore, they would have better income which will result in a better, stable life equals happier life’s.

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