1101-391 Language and Identity.

ohammad Alam                                                                                                                10/27/18

Gangster? Hmm… I was once in that stage. What do you think a gangster could be? There’s many out there that don’t joke around when it comes to ‘Beef’ and some just talk ‘shit’ thinking that they’ll knock a ‘nigga’ out. If today you go out and experience life of black neighborhood or neighborhoods in its vicinity, you would not only hear that but you’ll hear enough to satisfy your ears. Being a gangster means there’s many things you have to apply to keep your status and respect up in the hood. If you have no respect in the hood then you’re not considered a gangster but a ‘pussy’. Are you a pussy? Did you ever experience a ‘gangster’ in front of you staring you down eye to eye contact in the most disturbing way that you felt the urge to break his fucken face? Yeh I get that a lot, but I let ‘em’ rock. People test you to a point where they need you to do something for them to react and they could fight back regardless of who you are even if you are an elderly.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Love this city and state with all my big apple heart. Went to public school which were both elementary and middle school a few blocks from my house. Me in elementary school did not really know what were you know them high class clothes or shoes back then and my brothers were ‘fly’ but I was not as cool as them. Then I entered middle school and that’s where my so-called life started a baby middle ‘gangster’ you know the OG Em Alam. Made a name for myself but little did I know the people and family members that went to the same school as me, their older brothers had beef back when I was a kid with my older brothers, so you know me being me I was forward enough to stand my ground for my brothers’ respect and keep their name up. I created a group and called it the MiddleG (Gangsters). Slowly added about 35 to 40 people in the group. By the time it was 8th grade and one of the kids in that school who was the younger brother of the guys who had fought my brothers tried getting me stabbed. I ain’t worry at all I slowly caught each and every one of em by the end of 8thgrade and clipped em fags.

Highschool tagged along and it was a great 4 years but in those 4 years I promised myself I cannot at all be into this gang related stuff at all and but another source of fucked up shit came into my life in my sophomore year, the biggest regret of my life, SMOKING!! Ugh I hated that shit with more than a gut feeling because it got me addicted to weed and cigarettes made me cut classes for a whole semester which almost within a blink of an eye held me a semester back. In that cutting situation I fought many people over weed. Big thugs’ gang related pussies who couldn’t do shit to me because they knew me from back then and they knew how I roll. I’m usually on my doley (alone) shit.They did fight me for being a part of a gang but in reality, I wasn’t but the people I hung out with were. So they fucked me up but I didn’t give up that easily I waited till I recovered and I slowly bodied each and every one of em masked up not knowing who they got clipped by. And it was just back and forth shit for me. This influence of being a gangster was because I grew around a hood that not only your people don’t like you but because of your brothers they don’t like you. They want you to ‘erk’ (annoyed) and fight em so they could crack your jaw with something to be like you started first and I was in these types of cases before where I apparently started first.

Being what I am now I am very pleased and happy to be called the citizen of New York City because I wouldn’t be who I am, I would not know anything about life if I were a suburban citizen living in a quiet neighborhood and going to a community high school. I can say I have experienced life as a teenager in NYC and many other people who don’t live in NYC think that teenagers living in NYC cannot become anything because of their environment and their disrespectful community. But to me I have an awesome example my brother Dr. Mohammad R. Alam 1st year resident in the university of Alabama soon starting his 2nd year as a medical doctor. I love where I grew and I am proudly happy to say that Brooklyn is my home. And last but not least never disrespect an elderly cause if you do, you’re disrespecting me.