1101-391 Language and Identity.

Dylan Erazo                       10/3/18

Professor CH                    English


The quote that I chose in the article, “ My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead” is on page 3. The author says, “ The principal downside to any zombie attack is that the zombies will never stop coming; the principal downside to life is that you will never be finished with whatever it is you do”. This quote really stands out to me because as life goes on the more I notice this. The quote refers to a zombie apocalypse which is never ending you will always need to killing zombies to survive and how that relates to real life. In real life you must work all the time in order to survive or live comfortably and problems are constantly bombarded on us. I notice this in college, as students we must learn so we’re stuck fighting this apocalypse of work because it’s always coming at us and we must complete it.

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