1101-391 Language and Identity.

Alexandra Sandoval

Carrie Hall


                                                  Miss You Dad with love..


Music has always been with us throughout generations and has changed with instruments, beats, and how people sing. Music expresses how someone feels maybe a beat or a lyric to a specific song will have a special meaning. Music to me is one of the most beautiful things that has ever existed. It’s something that will never let me down it’s my escape to get away from issues or people that annoy the hell outta me. Music made me overcome my depression. During my depression my aunt signed me up for instrument classes. I learned how to play the Flute, Trumpet, Piano and Drums. The more I played these instruments the more I realized I was actually pretty good at them. It’s not everyday you see or know someone who plays more than 1 instrument. Thanks to these instruments I learned how to play songs from all types of genres such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap, Screamo, Classical music, etc.. There was one song in particular that caught my eye when I played it on the Flute. I didn’t know playing or hearing a song can express on point exactly how you felt about someone. Now you’re probably thinking so what? It’s just a song relax. Well California King Bed by Rihanna relates to many people because it’s about being in love with someone and out of nowhere you guys become distant. You start to forget their touch, kiss, scent, smile and just everything. I’m pretty sure the majority of us has gone through a heartbreak so in a way this song can relate to you. I interpret the lyrics in this song way different. Everytime I listen to this song my heart aches but not over a guy I used to like but my dad that man meant everything to me. My mind knows how much he suffered his last few days here with me. My family used to live in a 1 bedroom apartment. Every night my dad would come back from work and lay next to me. I remembered being a little girl and just bothering him. I was so used to seeing him next to me laying down so when Rihanna sings “ So how when I reach out my finger it feels like more than distance between us” I can’t listen to that part without crying because that lyric is so realistic to me. Growing up I would always wake up and expect him to be right next to me but times have changed. The more I interpret this song the more I feel like this song is mostly for females that once loved a person. On a website called lyricinterpretations they interpreted the lyrics  I’ve been california wishing on these stars for your heart on meThey stated that she wishes for the love of her man just like any female going through a situation like Rihanna in this song. The website also stated “So confused wanna ask you if you love me, but I don’t wanna seem so weak” Rihanna is confused about where they stand together. She’s stuck asking questions. Does he feel the same about her? She doesn’t want to ask because she doesn’t want to seem like she is weak. My friends act like this when they have a boyfriend or if they are talking to someone. They get attached to their significant other and when things take a bad turn. They end up feeling lonely and weak. The middle of the songs Rihanna sings “Just when I felt like giving up on us,  you turned around and gave me one last touch, that made everything feel better and even then my eyes got wetter” She was about to give up on the hope of him and her being together. He does something to her that made her feel better. Her eyes are still wet because she knew nothing was going to happen between them. He was just leading her on. The majority of us has gone through a situation where we are attracted to someone and they just use it for their own selfish desires. Not caring if we get hurt but, you still see them as a perfect person because you know there is much more to them. Even if your friends tell you different. These lyrics are different to me because I’m trying to be successful so I cry when any little thing goes wrong because it feels like I’m failing in my life. Just when I’m close to giving up on shit. I always feel a hand on my back reassuring me that everything will be okay. I know that it’s either my mom or dad. My eyes will get watery because just to know that they are always looking out for me means everything to me.   

 In the music video for California King Bed Rihanna is walking around and the sun is shining on her. I took this as if I was walking around and the sun is my dad. Bringing energy and positivity my way. Rihanna is also on the bed with the guy she loves laying down with him embracing his presence and enjoying the moment because she knows it isn’t going to last. That can happen to any of us being happy with someone you love like a family member, your lover, or a friend and one day they just vanish and you’re stuck asking yourself could I have done better? Was it my fault? Look the moral of this essay is that California King Bed can be interpreted in many ways. The most common one is losing your significant lover slowly. You forget their features such as their touch, scent, and smile but you still have hope that you guys can be something. This song will always have me thinking about my dad. Dad I love you with my heart. You’re my king keep shining up there my California King.