WKSHP 92ENG, Summer 2021 4X02

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WKSHP 92ENG, Summer 2021 4X02
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Summer 2021
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This workshop focuses on strengthening reading and writing skills, in order to help you achieve certification in reading and writing and prepare you for English 1101 (Composition 1). Every City Tech (and CUNY) student takes Composition I, which helps prepare students not only for other college courses but also for professional and community writing endeavors. We will focus on building reading comprehension and vocabulary, interpreting and responding to texts, scaffolding writing assignments, understanding clear sentence structure, and developing positive habits for collegiate success. Throughout our time together, your ideas and your voice are most welcome! This is an intensive immersion course that requires a significant daily time investment, attending class and completing work on your own outside of class.

Enrollment Requirements: PI of 50-64; or 46-55 on the CUNY Assessment Test in Writing, and/or 46-54 on the ACCUPLACER Reading Test; or grade of ā€˜Sā€™ in 090W without writing proficiency and/or grade of ā€˜Sā€™ in 090R without reading proficiency.

This course may be cloned by logged-in faculty.

Acknowledgements: This course is based on the following course(s):

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