Wine and Beverage Management, Goodlad, Spring 2013

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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    In preparation for the exam on French wine and Sparkling wine, please focus on the following topics. Ensure to use the text, class notes and the powerpoints. The exam will be mostly fill in the blank.

    Study Suggestion:
    1) visit a wine shop and look at the wines in the French section
    2) look at wine lists
    3) TALK to people who talk about wine (a classmate, co-worker, best friend’s parents…)

    Champagne and Sparkling Wine:
    -know the steps in Methode Champegnoise
    – define the steps of Methode Champegnoise
    – name other ways of making sparkling wine
    – grape varieties of Champagne
    – climate of Champagne

    Red and White Wines of France:
    – Name the regions of France
    – Identify the appellations in the various regions
    – Name the grape varieties specific to each region/appellation
    – Identify and name the regions of France on a Map (NOT the appellations) and indicate their climate as maritime, continental, Mediterranean or varied
    – List the 5 first growth chateau of Bordeaux
    – Identify the 10 Cru Beaujolais

    Reminder, there will be a page from the beverage media on the exam. Look at your copy to better understand what information can be conveyed.


    Matthew Madera


    Each region has many appellations and I am worried on how deep I should study.

    In class, you told us some appellations we shouldn’t worry about for the test.

    My questions are

    Do you have a master appellation list for all regions so we have a better idea of what appellations will or will not be included on the quiz?

    Will there be any sub appellations asked on the test i.e: France, Burgandy, Cote de Beune, Maranges?

    Thank you.



    Professor Goodlad,

    Can you reschedule the exam for after spring break ,so we can have for more time to prepare for it ?

    -Felicia Harripersaud


    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Thank you for the suggestion Felicia, I feel that we must keep to the schedule because many mid-terms will be on week 8 (our next meeting date). In addition, we will begin to read about and learn about Germany and Italy over the next two weeks. The way that these two countries organize their wine regulations is very different that France and I fear there will be more confusion about German and Italy if we do not proceed as planned.

    Stay focused and use those flashcards you have been making. Capitalize on what you know.


    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Dear Matthew,
    Yes, there is a lot to know. Hopefully the following will clarify what will be on the exam. But yes, again, there is a lot to know and this test is mostly memorization.

    Start with knowing the grape varieties. List all the grape varieties and then identify the regions (NOT appellations) for each for example:

    Chardonnay: Burgundy
    Syrah: The Rhone Valley
    Sancerre: Bordeaux and The Loire Valley

    Then list all the regions and their appellations, in most cases you will not be asked for sub appellations unless we discussed them in class (ie, sub appellations of Haute Medoc). I will not ask about villages or vineyards (except for the 5 first growth vineyards of Bordeaux). Remember there are no appellations in Alsace and in the Loire Valley (were there are many) we highlighted only a few.

    Use the power points to actively create the list of appellations, again this is memorization so the act of writing will help you to memorize the appellations. It will also be useful to use the collaborative wine lists made in class.


    Matthew Madera

    Are appellations we need to know for Bordeaux as follows?

    Medoc & Haut Medoc

    Do we need to know the following sub-appellations of Bordeaux?

    Pessac Leogon
    Sauternes & Barsac



    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    All the Bordeaux appellations listed are important to know. There are only sub-appellations in Haut-Medoc.

    I am happy to see that you are dedicating a lot of time to the subject matter, I am sure it will pay off.

    Prof. Goodlad


    Diana Devia

    Dear professor Goodlad,

    I don’t understand the beverage media part on the exam. I would appreciate any explanation.

    Thank you!!


    Matthew Madera

    I’d hate to be a pain, but I am just getting lost in all this information!

    Are the 10 Beaujolais Cru’s part of the Burgundy Cru system? Do they fall under “Village AOC” or “Premiers Crus”?

    Thanks for the help!


    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    On the first exam many students were not successful in completing the question about the beverage media correctly. In class I mentioned that I would re-ask a similar (not the same) question on the next exam for bonus points.

    So I will copy a page from the Beverage Media (a French Wine) and ask questions regarding the information about the wine and the cost of purchasing the wine.

    Prof. Goodlad


    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    When we discussed Burgundy we discussed Beaujolais separately for a number of reasons. Technically Beaujolais is part of Burgundy however, there are different rules and regulations governing the wine of Beaujolais so, when people begin their wine studies they often study Burgundy and Beaujolais separately. Beaujolais has its own Cru system separate from the rest of Burgundy.
    Read page 141 and 142 for clarification about Beaujolais



    Matthew, I think they are not fall under Burgundy Cru. Burgundy’s Crus has 34 , 1 Chablis, 33 Cote d’Or. Beaojolais has their own classification. From list to most specific Regional, Beaujolais-Villages, PrimiEr Crues, and Beaujolais Grand Crus, so these 10 are under Beaujolais Grand Crues



    I am sorry: Aoc Beaujolais, Aoc Beaujolais- Villages, Cru Beaujolais


    Matthew Madera

    Professor & Pavel, thank you so much for the clarification. I am getting a better understanding of the topic as a whole.

    As for any classmates looking to study before the quiz on Thursday, I will be in the classroom with a few classmates during club hours prior to the start of the class. Everyone is welcome to join us!

    Thank you & goodnight.



    Hi Prof. Goodlad.
    I agree with Diana about the beverage media thing . Is there a better way to calculate the price , because I was confused on the first test and I don’t want to repeat the same mistake again . Where we should look for the price of one case or the price of 3 cases when counting ? And are we going to include the discount ?

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