Why Coke’s David Butler Is The Real Thing

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Why Coke's David Butler Is The Real Thing
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This article is about Coca Colas VP of global design, and how he managed to keep the Coca Cola company
ahead of Pepsi. Even through Pepsi’s attempt at a new logo and new packaging, they still failed to surpass,
or even catch up to the leading Coke brand. What butler designed was the freestyle fountain, seen
more and more recently in fast food joints. What it is, is a silver, sometimes red, square unit that
holds various types of sodas and syrups. What makes it special, is that you can mix any type of
soda they offer with any type of syrup. So if you’re in the mood for a grape sprite, then it is certainly
available. Cherry Coke, vanilla Dr. Pepper, lime Root Beer, diet lemon Sunkist; the sky’s the limit!
It was designed specifically to draw in a more soda-reluctant consumer base, to satisfy a more
diverse beverage palate, and to also get feedback as to the most popular drink combinations, possibly
for future ideas for bottled beverage


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