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  • The Start of an Important Semester
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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Dear City Tech CPs,
    It has been wonderful reading your posts and reading how well you are expressing your experience thus far. Remember that this is a time of transition and that you might find difficult times ahead. Keep your career goals in mind and stay focused on what you will do now to achieve your long term career goals. As you overcome what you might find difficult now you will find that you will be more prepared for what will be in your future. Stay strong and focused!

    I feel it would be helpful if you were to add your casting position and work location on all your posts and comments. This will help all of us better understand your point of view.

    Please reply to this message in the discussion section on the course profile page (the one with Mickey’s silhouette) so that I know you received it. At time you might find that you will receive a lot of notifications from OpenLab but please do not turn off your notifications as you will miss too much information.

    Prof. Goodlad
    Assistant Professor
    Hospitality Managment



    Professor Goodlad, I understand.
    From now on, I will add my casting position and work location on all my posts and comments.

    Caribbean Beach Resort



    No problem Professor Goodlad , I just never got a notification from these disscussions before. But will look throughly throughout the profiles and dashboards from now on.

    Jennifer Medina
    DAK ODF ( Disney’s Animal Kingdom Outdoor Food & Beverage)



    Professor Goodlad, I will make sure I check my email account frequently as well. And I will most definetly post my position and work location at all time.

    Port Orleans, Riverside


    Alright professor, I will look into checking my email daily, as well as posting my role and location.

    Mission Space



    Dear Professor Goodlad,

    My apologies for the delay, I was not aware of the discussion section of the course. Hope all is well back in NY.

    Best regards,
    Front Desk Cashier
    Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds

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