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    When I first heard about the Disney College Program I was very interested. when I went to the first meeting (as a freshman) I was amazed at the information the college recruiter gave us. they showed us some videos as to what Disney had in store for the ones who applied got accepted. when I first applied (sad to say) I didn’t get accepted. I waited till my junior year to apply again I got accepted.

    It all started when I received my acceptance email during my break at my job. I was so excited I called and text everyone I knew. once I went to the meetings Prof. Goodlad had and I filled out all the paper work Disney emailed us, I knew I was heading to Florida for the next 5 months. When I arrived to Florida August 22nd (my flight was delayed so I arrived at 2 am.) I went straight to the hotel to take a 4 hour nap. When I woke up my friends and I called a cab and headed over to Lake Buena Vista at the Vista Way complex to fill out the rest of our paper work.

    Once we were settled in at our Patterson Complex and we meet our roommates, I finally knew (and it settled in) that for the next 5 months I was an Orlando girl. once going to orientation they told us what we could do and what we couldn’t do. training was very intense but it was worth it. I worked at the best park Disney had The Magic Kingdom. That was the only park that had all the events (at least the main ones). I worked in Out Door Food (ODF), it was the best place to work in; everyone was like one big family. the managers were amazing and they sure appreciated their staff. the only bad thing about working in the magic kingdom and working on party nights was that the park closed so late, sometimes i would get out at 3 am. while changing and waiting for the buses I didn’t get home till 6am to then go to sleep and wake up again at 1pm and start my shift at 6. but it was all worth it because it gave me a chance to grow and realize that no matter how magical Disney is, we have to give a lot of the credit to the EMPLOYEES that made it happened.

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