V3D System for Sustainable Manufacturing

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V3D System for Sustainable Manufacturing
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Project Manager (PM):
Ken Chin, BTech in Mechanical Engineering Technology

Principal Investigator (PI):
Masato R. Nakamura, Eng.Sc.D
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Technology


Consumption of energy and materials in manufacturing processes is one of the main concerns for the industry. In order to create a prototype of products in a short period of time, 3D printers have been used in the process called rapid prototyping, and played an important role after Computer-Aided Design (CAD) process. CAD with 3D printing makes directly connect a digital world (a 3D image in a computer) to the real world (an object created by a 3D printer).

A new volumetric 3D (V3D) display system has been developed without using complicated devices such as projectors, a turn table, a mirror, or 3D glasses, in order to assist this sustainable manufacturing process (with less consumption of energy and materials). We use simple 3D image techniques and mechanical structures that include a stationary table with rotating circular object, a regular LED monitor to perform 3D views. This system displays images of an object with different angles during the rotation of the thin monitor. The integrated images with different angles are recognized as a single volumetric 3D image. This V3D system can be applied for sustainable manufacturing, but also applicable in other fields such as education, entertainment, or telecommunications, which has a potential to utilize 3D images frequently.


This project was created by: Masato R. Nakamura, Eng.Sc.D.

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