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Hospitality Management
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I am an ambitious, highly motivated and bright young man, who is eager to make a big academic success and become a highly admired professional. By choosing City Tech, and New York as my new path, I believe I have made a great decision and a big step towards my goals.
As someone who is focusing on Hospitality both academically and professionally, and somebody who comes from a distant and small nation, Republic of Serbia, but famous for it’s finest hospitality, service, unique food and beverage specialties, I am ready to devote myself to this business, further develop and gain experience from the Industry’s finest.

For the short period I have spent in this amazing place of opportunities, I can say that I have already experienced the feeling of being a member of some of the most highly regarded names in business, where teamwork, mutual respect and constant strive for any kind of improvment is what sets your house on the right path, being more significant than many others and defined as a world renowned brand, in the worlds most attractive and hospitable destination, of which I am proud to be a part. One day my ambition is to have an aspiring international corporate career, and possibly having my own Hospitality Enterprise, based on modern, futuristic, sustainable and ever changing demands of the market and society. In order to achieve this I have directed myself to good education and hard work, with constant dedication and often sacrifice.

My second personal interest are foreign languages and exploration of different cultures, for which I have certain talent, right now being fluent in 3 with 3 more on the way.
As a musician, and former violinist of an orchestra, and an athlete, I always find pleasure in delivering the best experience possible for everyone, and receiving their appreciation, by acknowledging my effort.

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