Urban Tourism Fall 2016

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  • Gowanus Field Trip
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    Kariluz S.

    Before the field trip to the Gowanus Canal, I did not know anything about it. I did not know that we had a canal in New York, when I hear the word canal the only thing that will come to my mind is the Panama Canal. The perception that I had prior visiting the canal was that we were going into a major installation with a lot of boat around, but once I got to the canal all my ideas change. It changes in a way not expected, I took a look around the area and I found that it was beautiful, very relaxing to be. The infrastructure of the place now days is design in a very modern way, making it appealing to the eyes. I really like the area very much. There is a beautiful view from the window of your apartment if you happen to live in one of the new constructed building surrounding the area. The use of the canal according to the tour guide has change tremendously in the past decade. Because it was an industrial area the use of the canal was mainly for boats coming in and out distributing good and material for the many industries located in that zone.
    I think the new plans for the canal that were discussed in the tour is beneficial for the community and the environment especially now that we need to be more conscious about our planet.

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