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There are millions of children in the world of emerging developing countries who do not have Access to dental care. Pain, infection and dysfunction are an unfortunate way of life due to the unintended consequences of not having access to adequate dental care and preventive measures. According to WHO: ” 60–90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities worldwide.” If we truly want to solve this world health crisis, the best place to start is prevention.

My name is Jean Paul Laurent and I am the founder and CEO of unspoken smiles foundation. Our vision is to create access to dental care for children in impoverished nations who are affected by tooth decay. We intend to achieve our goal through education and prevention rather than providing temporary treatments that often time fail.

Our initial program in Haiti has been widely successful, and so far more than a 1000 elementary school’s children in Haiti are brushing better and one step closer to a healthier life every day they continue.

We plan to expand our initiative by providing world-class professional and technical training to local unemployed high school graduates, which can lead to career-building jobs in the dental field and help end the shortage of dentists to meet the need of the Haitian population.

Inspired by the model used by TOMS shoe, we will start selling toothbrushes in the U.S. Market on a buy one give one basis. For each toothbrush you purchase, we will provide a free toothbrush and education to an impoverished child. Our mission is to transform the goodwill of socially conscious Americans into a stable source of funding for our global social enterprise.


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