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Title: What Are The Cultural Conditions When It Comes to Unequal Pay Between Men And Women In Sports?

Introduction: I’ve always found this topic extremely interesting as well as I’ve always found it so crazy there is a difference in pay between men and women in sports. The reason I decided to speak on this topic is that female athletes don’t get enough attention for playing the same sports as men and I find this very unfair. Although, I can understand the point where people perceive that male sports are more entertaining than female sports. It’s just absurd the difference in pay they receive as individuals. It’s almost demoralizing how much more money male athletes make than women athletes on salaries. I understand that male athletes receive more viewers and pay but at what point is the difference in pay going to ever be or close to equal.


Exposure to Women’s Sports: Changing Attitudes Toward Female Athletes

The article states how there are differences in pay and how sports are perceived on television differently for men and differently for women. For example, “The media tends to ignore, which devalues, women’s athletic accomplishments by focusing on their physical appearance, private lives, and femininity and sexuality even if they achieve more impressive athletic feats.” This quote demonstrates that female athletes are looking for their achievements while men can do the same thing and get so much more praise and credibility in addition to more television coverage. Overall, men receive more television coverage than women. This television coverage even goes back to having better television-quality than women.

Source 2

Male vs Female Professional Sports Salary Comparison

The data report indicates the only sport that is somewhat comparable to both sides male and female, would be tennis. Tennis salaries are comparatively equal. In many other professional sports, there was a sizable inequality difference with salaries. The difference in salary between the WNBA and the NBA is a very large margin. The NBA salary equates to approximately 110 times more than the average WNBA player. I find this statistic substantially telling on how underpaid female athletes are underpaid for playing the same exact sport in comparison to their male counterparts.

Source 3
This research report states various communities and federations are run by the male community such as in Olympic Sports. The overall message of this research report is that males are dominating all types of televised events throughout the world. In this report, statics have shown that females are starting to get more attention in Olympic sports. As stated, “The report, which was written ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and follows up on a 2014 study, shows that while the number of women in Olympic sports is growing steadily, female representation on elite Olympic governing bodies is static – at below 30%.” This enhances my point on underappreciated female athletes are in any platform of sports, Weather it’s basketball, volleyball, tennis, or even Olympics sports. Over the course of history, men have had more opportunities than females and I think we as a community the least we can do is change our perception of female athletes across the world.


Source 4

The Inequality of Male and Female Athletes’ Salaries

This editorial appears to say that females are underpaid, which states,” It’s the same in every other sport. there is not a single professional sport where women get paid the same as their male counterparts. I see there is no good reason for this. Some people say we’re living in a time where there is no gender discrimination, no gender inequality.” Hence, why this trend seems to not be looking so positive for women in the near future. This is such an unfortunate fact as we realize that men and women put in the same amount of work in whatever they so choose to do and it’s sad to see such a wide margin in pay between the two.

Conclusion: In Conclusion, I believe those female athletes are set up for failure before they even have a chance. Female athletes might not bring in as many views as male athletes due they don’t have the same opportunities. For example, not having the greatest of camera qualities while males have the top-notch equipment in order for them to give the viewers the best possible view from home. The message from this Bibliography is to give Female athletes the same amount if not close to the same amount of opportunities in order to bring female salaries closer to equal pay. I strongly believe that women do not have the same chance in order to succeed in the pro-athletes community unless they are one of the top-tier players.

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