Typography Assignment

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Typography Assignment
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Assignment: Bring to class an example of typography that you find interesting. Print out the sample on Tabloid size (11 x 17″) paper. This could be an ad in a magazine, billboard, etc. or a flyer, business card, any print/signage that has Typography interestingly created, placed or designed with. Write two paragraphs on:
1. What is interesting about the sample.
2. How are fonts, font size, style used in the sample?
3. What impact does typography have on the audience of the sample?

What’s interesting about the advertisement is the simplicity of the text still has an creative view to it. The text is in various sizes, making more of the key words stand out more and the support words in a smaller size, for example the “for” in the ad, instead of keep the word the same size as “clean” or “air”, the designer chose to make it smaller and put the word vertically and in red. the word is important to the ad but it doesn’t take up much visual space. the fonts are put in specific sizes to also be able to aligned with other text and with the pictures in the ad. the “11th annual stair climb” is separated into 3 lines but line up to the building image in the ad. The typography in the ad is eye catching, everything is slanted slightly on purpose since the ad is about a stair climb.


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